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Business Awards - Write Your Winning Entry With Virtual Office Solutions

You've worked incredibly hard over the past year on getting your business where it needs to be, but have you stopped recently to take a look at just how far you've come? No doubt there have been some tricky obstacles to negotiate and you’ve had to use your initiative, act on gut instinct, wrestle with costings and figures, and navigate your way through some pretty choppy waters. That, my friend, is because you are a fully-fledged business ninja who prides yourself on never missing a trick when it comes to promoting and expanding your business. If you have big plans for the next few years and are already looking ahead at future opportunities for business promotion, you probably haven't given a second thought about entering an award. But how would you feel about being able to multiply the results of your entering your latest achievements into a business award or two? You’re probably thinking "Hang on, what's so special about me, why should I be a winner?" Well, for one, your competitors may have achieved something similar (albeit without your unique usp of course), but they have not thought to enter an award and you have! So what are the benefits of entering? Well, believe it or not, even if you didn't win your category, you could still use entering awards to benefit your business in several ways...But let’s just imagine you have won for a moment:

Look at us! We're winners!

Winning an award, finalist place or accolade for your business comes across as très impressionnant (that's a very impressive way of saying 'very impressive') to your clients. When faced with several companies offering a similar service, how do you decide who to trust? Reviews? Reputation? Social Media? Positive reinforcement? Oh look! Your company has won an award for its outstanding service, I think I can safely put my trust in you. See what happened there? Without lifting a finger, you have gained trust and enhanced your reputation. On every branding, email signature, pop up banner, poster and mailer, you have a bona fide seal of approval that your business is the one to trust.

Cost Effective Strategy Tool

Now let's imagine you entered, but didn't win. Has all that preparation, time and experience at the awards night gone to waste? Of course not! Most companies find it an exceptionally positive, cathartic and focus-inducing experience to sit the team down together, talk about individual and team achievements over the past year, the successes (and failures to learn from), and the things that have really stood out about an employee, department or entire company. Putting a team-member forward for an award is also a great way of showing that person how much you value them as an employee.

Competitor Bench Marking

Many awards provide bench marking and comments from senior industry judges which allow you to understand how your operations differ from your competitors...for better or worse! Gaining insider knowledge on how you compare and what areas you are stronger or weaker in can help you to work on and improve sections of your business and play on your can also help you to become a winner next time you enter!

Increased Business and Talent Lassoing

Other companies and prospective employees are also looking for validation that they are setting their sights on the right company. With a winner or finalist trophy or certificate under your belt you are creating the right impression to attract the right kind of business partner and employee to your company, allowing you, in turn to set your sights higher and aim for better.

About VOS

With several years’ experience as a Project Coordinator for some of Hertfordshire and the UK's most prestigious business awards (UK Customer Experience Awards, UK Digital Experience Awards, CIM Marketing Excellence Awards, Patient Experience Network National Awards), and as Head of Communications for one of Hertfordshire's most successful and innovative recruitment firms (Smart10Ltd), Alma has insider knowledge on many of the most successful business awards winning entries. She has also been involved over the years as part of the Events Team at some of the UK's most glamorous sporting awards and events (including Asian Football Awards and Royal Ascot). Last year Alma wrote the winning entries for Managing Director Claire Brindle and the team, winning not just once but twice at Hertfordshire Business Awards and Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards. Alma now heads up a Virtual Business Support Service, Virtual Office Solutions, writing awards entries, content and creative writing and administration services across a number of platforms.

If you'd like to find out how VOS can help promote your business please get in touch at:

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