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10 Reasons A Blog Is Good For Your Business

Ever wondered how people use blogging to enhance their business? If you’re reading this then the chances are you are already using at least one social media platform for either personal or business engagement. Use Facebook or twitter? How many times have you scrolled down the page past numerous pictures of other peoples’ dinners, dogs, children, shenanigans (OK, guilty as charged for at least TWO of those…hey, what can I say, I love my dog!) only to stop and take notice of a post that looks engaging or relevant to what interests you? Well that’s exactly what your customers are doing!

We’re Engaged!

By the end of 2016 there were on average 317 MILLION monthly regular twitter users (, and Facebook had a whopping 1.79 BILLION! WTF?! (What The Fudge btw, this is a respectable establishment). So how can business owners harness this endless supply of ready-to-engage individuals towards their service or products? One of the best ways to get people to sit up and notice your business is through regular blogging.

WTF is a blog, you may ask? Well, this is one, right here. I am using this to grab your attention, engage with you and show you my wares (ahem). Although blogging can be used to promote, to connect, to share, or even to moan about stuff! Grrr.

By putting myself out there and explaining what I do (blogging, content and copy writing are part of VOS’ services) I am enticing you into using my company to enhance your business. Regularly writing blogs for clients and publishing them on websites, social media platforms, and even in magazines, helps to boost business in many's 10 for a start:

1.By connecting/updating customers with your latest offers/services, or sharing good news such as winning an award (VOS wrote TWO winning business awards and five finalist awards entries for clients in 2016…why thank you :) your blog is keeping you on the radar, and helping your company spring to mind when a service you offer is needed.

2.If you’re in the business of selling you are likely to attract 67% more leads than a non-blogging company (Hubspot), and 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

3.Compared to regular advertising blogging is really cheap! Nuff said.

4.SEO. (SE what?) Search Engine Optimisation. By inserting keywords that link back to your company pages you are not only sending the clicker to your website, you are also increasing your Google ranking. Hooray!

5.You’re more likely to be found by online shoppers. 44% of shoppers now start with search engines (, which are more likely to pick up your company if you run regular blogs.

6.You look cool. Seriously, you really do, you’re down with the kids my friend. Like, totes. (OK, hashtag embarrassing, I’ll stop there).

7.You can cross-promote with other businesses, by mentioning them and popping in a link to their website, and asking them to do the same for you. You’ll be scratching each other’s backs…ahhh lovely.

8.You can create calls to action by including interactive or action-inducing content in your blogs. Calls to action bring leads and sales.

9.Blogging builds your brand and increases your presence. You are a business Jedi! Including regular images of your logo, and the style in which you shout about your services will give your business a unique face. VOS tailors blogs to each company’s unique style and customer base language.

10.It’s easy! For some of course, for those who really have better things to do than write business blogs, you just get someone else to do it for you. Someone, er, like me for instance :)

To find out about how VOS (that’s me) can help improve your business, please get in touch. Thanks!

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