About Virtual Office Solutions

Creating the right business balance is about a combined, collaborative approach.

The workplace, business and employment landscape has changed exponentially over the past couple of years. 

​How we engage, communicate and interact with our customers and our employees has taken a dramatic shift, and many, if not most, of our interactions are now taking place in the virtual world. Our employees and customers are demanding more authenticty, more tailored and individual support and more flexibility. With this comes a need for a different set of values, tools and processes, but how do we create this kind of balance in an unbalanced and uncertain business and work environment, and, once we've achieved this, how do we showcase our strengths to our customers and potential employees?

It's a combination of an effective business and growth strategy, a supportive, flexible approach to employees needs, challenges and potential, and a strong, collaborative online presence. This combination of approaches ensures that you are equipped to respond and adapt to frequently changing external business environments, whilst building and maintaining a strong team of motivated employees, whose values align with your organisational goals. Showcasing your services and business strengths with a strong online presence keeps you ahead of your competitors and visible to your customers.


Over the years Ihave gained invaluable experience in management roles within the marketing,  awards and recruitment industries, as well as completing a degree in International Business, and have over ten years experience of online marketing, business and personal branding. My passion lies in people, leadership and business development, and I am fortunate to work with one of the top leadership coaching providers in the South East, Greenacre Consult, helping the consultancy to develop, align and promote the most up to date and progressive leadership techniques, values and practices needed to help current and future leaders navigate sucessfully through the post-Covid business environment.


I also work with organisations to develop and maintain their online external and internal presence and engagement, working closely with the different bsusiness divisions to help create and develop a collaborative approach to help build a positive company culture from within, and engage positvely with external professional networks.

Through these experiences I have gained insider knowledge on some of the most current and evolving leadership and people development trends, collaborating with  top industry leaders, and working alongside some of the most exceptional relationship builders and people developers within the housing and public sector.

One of my other passions is business and creative writing, and as well as being a contributing author for Greenacre Group and Housing Futures Magazine, I have also written the winning and finalist entries for several local and national business awards for selected clients.

I have two crazy children (one of which is a dog), live in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, and when my laptop is not welded to my lap, I love being outdoors and going on adventurous adventures.

Business is evolving. Join the movement.

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