There are countless reasons why a remote assistant could help your business run more smoothly. 

Whether you are looking to reduce utility costs, seeking help with social media management, marketing and content, or need an extra pair of hands to keep things ticking along whilst you are away, a remote business partner/assistant is a cost-effective, flexible and useful asset to your team.

Please take a look at some of the services offered below to find out how VOS can assist you in your work-life awesomeness. If there is something you have in mind that is not mentioned here, please get in touch for a chat about the VOS bespoke service.



VOS can assist with marketing planning, from creating fresh ideas, to process and implementation, actions and lead building to overseeing full marketing campaigns and analysis.

Business Team


Creative and Content Writing

VOS has a passion for creative writing. Whatever your brand, style or genre, this bespoke service aligns itself to the required format and produces copy, content and company text that fits beautifully with your own desired outcomes. From short, bold, effective stand out content to in-depth analytical research, the VOS writing service can be tailored to your specific needs.

Legal Research and Writing


Social Media Management

Using social media to promote, engage and project the face of your business to customers and clients is now a vital part of everyday business planning. VOS can take the effort out of your hands by providing a content, news and engagement plan to suit any budget.

Social network concept


Business Incubator

VOS provides a 'hold the fort' business incubator service, allowing you to keep things ticking along whilst you are away on business or pleasure. Using remote access, VOS takes care of emails, customer service, calls, orders and accounts. For a tailor made service to fit your budget please contact VOS for a chat.

Work Station


Awards Entry Writing

VOS has written several winning and finalist awards entries for small to medium businesses. With a background in Awards and Events Management, Alma from VOS has overseen all aspects of running, entering and judging business awards. If you'd like to contact Alma regarding entering, managing or judging an awards event please get in touch.